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We can set you up so all your business administration is in the palm of your hand.

  • No more messy office, no more paper.
  • Instant access to key financial information via your Smart Phone.
  • Create and send professional invoices & get paid online.
  • Manage cashflow by scheduling bill payments and sending invoices automatically.
  • Automatically import and categorise your latest banking.
  • Just click OK to reconcile.
  • Timesheets on the move using your iPhone.
  • No extra payroll tax and workcover pain.
  • No annual leave or sick leave.
  • Up-to-date quality information at my fingertips.
  • Stop my accountant complaining about the state of my books!

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Free trial available!
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We’ll provide you with a free no obligation recommendation of the time and package best suited to your needs. Also included in this will be the most efficient way to get your records to us, or us to your records.

Take advantage of our free trial and see if iEscape is a great fit for your business. Or use us on an “as needs” basis. We have casual, ‘per hour’ book keepers available.

Customised packages are designed to suit your business needs.

Email us at for your Free trial.

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