12 Ingenious Ways to Save Money this Winter

12 Ingenious Ways to Save Money this Winter

12 Ingenious Ways to Save Money this Winter

1. Bundle Up

It is winter for a reason, so rather than running around the house in shorts and no socks, put on a jumper, socks and some comfy slippers. Also, don’t forget a blanket for the couch to use whilst you’re watching your favourite TV show or reading a book.

2. Install and Use a Programmable Thermostat

Don’t keep your house at 21 degrees (or warmer) all day, use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature to automatically turn down while you’re out and turn right back up before you come home in the evening. Setting the temperature at least 10 degrees lower for eight hours a day can save you up to 15% a year on your heating bill.

3. Leave the Oven Door Open After Baking

After baking that delicious chicken and vegetable pie, turn the oven off and leave the door open (if it’s safe to do so). DISCLAIMER: this is clearly not ideal if you have children, pets or are prone to accidents. It’s amazing how much heat that oven can give off even after you have finished using it.

4. Use a Space Heater Sparingly

If you are going to be using a space heater for a considerable amount of time, consider using only a small fan or oil heater to give that little extra boost. It may also be tempting to only heat the room you are sitting in, but the whole house needs heating to the same temperature, otherwise, you’ll get problems with condensation and dampness.
On the other hand, you can use a tankless hot water heater to only heat the water that you actually need, rather than wasting money on heating a whole tank that won’t get fully used. You can get your water heater repaired with a site like https://gohomeheating.com/twin-falls/water-heating/, helping it to stay efficient and cost-effective.

5. Caulk Your Cracks

Use silicone or draft stoppers to fill any cracks in doors, windows, and walls. It is surprising how much heat can actually be lost through seemingly insignificant cracks. However, if these cracks seem more substantial then it would be wise to contact somewhere like CenTex Foundation Repair to check that the cracks in the walls or ceilings are not a part of an underlying structural issue in your home. Although, if they are just very small cracks then go ahead and cover them up!

6. Close Unnecessary Vents

If you don’t use a room regularly, close the vents. Shut the door, saving energy and heat for the areas you are using. Just remember to keep the room ventilated periodically, or the room will become damp.

7. Install Window Weather Strips

Not all doors and windows are used during the winter, so use a Door and Window Weather Strip to keep the cold out and the heat in. You can pick up a DIY kit at your local Bunnings store for $7.70.

If you can’t afford this or you want to be a little more creative, consider hanging some blankets channeling a shabby chic look.

8. Reverse the Ceiling Fan

There will be many of you out there who think that the purpose of a ceiling fan is to keep you cool in the warmer months, which it does, but it also has other advantages too. For example, did you know that your fan can actually be beneficial in the winter too? If you’ve recently enlisted the help of a company like MZ Electric to install or repair your ceiling fan, then you will have the perfect opportunity to try this out yourself. You see, most modern ceiling fans generally have a switch you can flip to change the direction the fan spins. On the normal/summer setting, a ceiling fan tries to draw cold air upwards, increasing heat loss. By switching it to the winter or reverse setting, you can push hot air down, preventing heat loss in your home. If your ceiling fan doesn’t have a reverse setting or isn’t working effectively, and you may need to hire a professional technician like these guys from Home Team Electric to fix these for you.

9. Position Furniture Around Heat Sources

Time for a winter makeover! Rearrange your furniture so that they are strategically positioned away from cold external walls and close to heat sources like the fireplace and heating vents.

10. Add a Rug

Do you have freezing wooden or tiled floors? Lay a soft thick rug over the floor keeping your home warm and cosy.

11. Winter-Proof Your Bed

This one is a no brainer. Swap your doona for a thicker one or add an extra blanket to keep you warm at night without a heater.

12. Make the Most of the Sun

It can be incredibly difficult to get the washing dry during wintry conditions, so make the most of the sun by using a portable dryer. Put the washing outside when the sun is shining, but if the weather turns miserable, bring the dryer inside to finish drying your laundry.