6 reasons why Xero SMASHES Quickbooks!

6 reasons why Xero SMASHES Quickbooks!

1.  Integrations

Xero is more flexible with over 500 integrations.

Quickbooks is more restricted with around 250 applications.

2. Features

Xero has unlimited features like invoicing, budgeting and inventory, making it a more robust and realistic solution for many users.

Quickbooks has these, but they are all limited to premium plans.

3. Users and Permissions

Xero is the cloud accounting leader in providing the strongest user permissions. They offer unlimited users for all its pricing plans.

Quickbooks only supports one, three or five users (depending on the plan). You can add up to 25 users, but cost adds up fast.

4. Customer Service and Support

Xero representatives are well informed and quick to respond to customers, with many resources including online videos, a comprehensive help centre, in-software help button, community forum and a large range of business and accounting guides.

Quickbooks has very poor customer service support. They have extremely long wait and hold times for the phone and there is simply just a lack of support.

5. Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Xero has a pristine reputation with very few customer complaints about anything. It is well-loved by its users and receives higher ratings than Quickbooks across popular customer review sites.

Alternatively, Quickbooks has received many user complaints regarding poor customer service, bugs, limited mobile apps and unauthorised charges.

6. Security

Xero and Quickbooks both use similar data encryption, redundancy and physical security measures, however Xero has one of the strongest security reputations in the cloud world, boasting an unheard uptime of 99.97%.

Quickbooks reports downtime and outage issues on many occasions.

The clear winner of this duel is Xero!!

Xero offers more accessible features, better customer service, great invoices, free payroll and more positive reviews than the very limited and clunky Quickbooks.

If you are considering that you might want to convert your business from Quickbooks to Xero, we encourage you to make an appointment to see one of our trusted accountants. We work with you to discuss how we can make this the most simple and efficient process for your business.

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