Annual Non-Employees PAYGW payment summary due soon
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Annual Non-Employees PAYGW payment summary due soon

This reminder comes from the MB+M Compliance team to provide you with a “heads-up” that your PAYGW payment summary annual report for non-employees is due soon. The team outline what you will need to review before finalising the statements.  If you have questions, or need some assistance, then you can contact the Compliance team on 03 5821 9177.

If you need to provide payment summaries to people other than employees, such as suppliers where no ABN was quoted, you need to lodge this form by the 31st October.

By now you will have checked the accuracy of the year’s payroll figures and issued payment summaries to your employees. You may also have withheld PAYG amounts for people other than employees. These amounts are reported to the ATO separately.

Check the following before completing the annual summary:

  • For suppliers who have not quoted an ABN and had tax withheld, check the gross amounts paid and the tax withheld.
  • Are your contact details correct? The ATO needs to know who prepared the form on behalf of your business.

If you have already checked that your payroll figures are correct, completing the PSAR should be very quick and easy.

We can help you review your payroll figures for the year before lodging the payment summary annual report.

If you have questions, then just talk with us. The Compliance team are experts in these areas. They can help you with processes to make ongoing activity more efficient and review the setups in your accounting system to make sure correct categorisation and reporting of all pay items.

You can contact the MB+M Compliance team on 03 5821 9177.



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