ATO Support For Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria.

ATO Support For Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria.

We are here to help .

If you’re struggling to meet your current ATO deadlines and commitments please reach out to us for help – MB+M commits our team to doing whatever we can to ease the burden on businesses. The information below provides an understanding of what options are available to ease the pressure from the ATO, and what the ATO Support For Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria means.

Whilst we direct the following comments to our clients, we can help other businesses that need support. If you need help call MB+M on 03 5821 9177 and speak to one of our expert Business Services advisers.

It’s been a great relief to hear from the ATO this week that they too are open to providing additional support to Victorian businesses in meeting their obligations. The ATO have communicated to us they will assist in the following ways:

These include:

  • Providing lodgment deferrals for upcoming lodgment dates
    This is useful if you’re finding it difficult to dedicate time to completing your BAS or IAS due to meeting demands because of COVID.  It would also apply to any other document due with the ATO.  Talk to your MB+M team member if you’d like to consider letting the ATO know that you cannot lodge on time.
  • Offering payment only deferrals for amounts that may be due
    Maybe you can lodge your BAS/IAS on time but cannot pay the amount due.  This enables you to defer the amount due to a future period incurring any interest charges.  Talk to your MB+M team member to discuss what options are available.
  • Allowing for flexible payment plans
    If maybe you just need to pay your debt to the ATO over a longer period of time, again the MB+M team can assist you to put a payment plan in place.
  • Changing your clients’ GST reporting cycle or varying PAYG instalment amounts
    This may mean changing from monthly to quarterly BAS lodgement, or vice versa.  It may mean you can reduce the reporting requirements, or we can get your GST refund earlier.  Contact the team to discuss further if this may be useful to you.  Also, if your tax instalment seems too high or too difficult to predict now, a change can be made accordingly.  We encourage you to discuss this with the MB+M team if you believe this applies to you.
  • Remissions to the general interest charge
    Where you could not meet your debt requirements with the ATO and have incurred interest charges, we can apply to the ATO to remit these charges if we can show an acceptable reason this has occurred.
  • Payment arrangements for the superannuation guarantee amnesty.
    Applicable where you may have reported under paying superannuation guarantee but cannot make those payments straightaway.

Our experience has been that the ATO has been very flexible and open to assisting businesses. Especially during what is unprecedented pressure on them to survive and undertake planning their future.

Please remember that it is best to lodge all obligations such as your BAS on time, as the ATO bases many assistance payments on the lodgement time of your BAS. If this is not possible, we need to be contacting the ATO early to ensure you can continue to receive all assistance you are entitled you to.

MB+M are here to help, so please reach out if you need additional assistance.  Remember, sometimes it’s also better to ask for assistance now, and if things improve, then you can alter any arrangement you have in place with the ATO.

If you have any concerns, questions, or help, please contact MB+M on:

03 5821 9177 or email your MB+M on

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