COVID-19 Superannuation Changes To Pensions

COVID-19 Superannuation Changes To Pensions

Do you draw a pension from your Superannuation Fund?

If your answer is yes, for yourself or someone close to you, watch this short four minute video by our very own Bree Hanslow explaining the coming changes.

Also did you know that your Pension payments will reduce by 50% automatically from 1st July, 2020 unless you take action?


MB+M, OzPlan Team, Is Ready and Waiting To Help You.

Given the brief period left for any changes to your pension, why not call our OzPlan team and they will help you with any changes, or questions you may have? You can contact the OzPlan team on 03 58231 1233, or

Finally, if any of your family, friends, or associates could benefit from viewing the video, please pass on this page’s URL.

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