COVID Hardship Grant & Unpaid Pandemic Leave

COVID Hardship Grant & Unpaid Pandemic Leave

MB+M Business Services Team brings you another article on: COVID Hardship Grant & Unpaid Pandemic Leave

If you have a small business this is a must-see video for you.

Adrienne goes through the Small Business COVID Hardship Fund and Lori shows us how to utilise Xero for turnover calculations and processing unpaid Pandemic leave.

We realise this is not a sexy topic but if you run a small business this information will be crucial to your business while we are dealing with ongoing Lockdown situations.

Note: Please ensure you check the awards that you pay under to confirm that this applies to you.

Watch Adrienne & Lori’s video  

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Adrienne Gledhill


Adrienne Gledhill – CPA Accountant
& Director



Lori Hall – CPA Accountant
XERO Certified Advisor

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