Email Marketing Part One
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Email Marketing Part One

Email marketing

How can Email Marketing bring in fast results and great new leads

Today we’re going to talk about email marketing and how a couple of hours a week can generate massive leads and increase sales. We’ve divided this into two weeks to give you a bit of info here and the rest next week. This allows you time to put some email marketing ideas into action.


This week we’re going to take a look at the benefits of email marketing, what an automation account is and how to build a database of qualified leads. Without a database to send emails to, the point is moot.


The direct benefits of email marketing are to increase conversions, repeat business, referrals, company awareness, and customer loyalty. Other benefits include the opportunity to streamline your sales process and gather feedback about your target market.


Because email marketing gives you the ability to generate fast results, you can see the promotions and emails that bring in the most responses better than ever.


An automation account is a CMS (contact management system) that allows you to create an email and send it to a larger group of people in a few clicks. The analytics of the system show you who opened the emails and who did not. You can also monitor bounce rates, click throughs and other important stats. Check out this section for a list of the most well-known and used CMS. Most of them offer a free trial period so you have a chance to see which works the best for you.

Before you can send out anything you need a database of qualified leads. This database should also include your current customers.

The best way to build a quality database is by:

  • Slow and steady tactics
  • Ask for only basic information
  • Ask permission
  • Offer incentives
  • Stay organized
  • Minimize risk
  • Media list
  • List brokers

Next week we’re going to finish up this area by talking about how to become a trustworthy sender, how to write effective emails, the analytics of email marketing, and email delivery systems.

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