Five Reasons Working From The Office Is Better For You!!
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Five Reasons Working From The Office Is Better For You!!

MB+M Business Services Team Update – Five Reasons Working From The Office Is Better For You!!

Many of us have worked from home, whether we wanted to or not, during this current global pandemic. You may have saved time for commuting. You may have enjoyed more time with your family. You may have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. However, you might not be seeing the benefits of returning to the office now that your workplace is transitioning away from remote working. So, why return to the office?

1. Missing The Camaraderie Colleagues

Technology may allow us to work from home very easily and comfortably, but it does not allow us to connect with our co-workers with the same face-to-face connection. Many of the nuances of body language and tone are vital to understanding and collaborating with co-workers. Being able to talk to your co-workers face to face is invaluable.  Simple things like being able to share lunch with a co-worker and connecting on a personal level all contribute to our own well-being. 

2. Productivity Can Improve For You

Some people find working from home increases productivity. They may have fewer distractions, less noise, and interruptions at home. But have you thought of the productivity losses that aren’t so obvious? Often, it can take almost twice as much time for decisions to be made virtually than in real-time. The flexibility of the ‘answer at your own pace’ characteristic of email can be useful, but it can also slow the timeline of discussion and decision-making.

3. Benefits Of Face-to-Face Communication

On the face of it, work different hours than your regular office hours is very attractive.  However, with everyone in your team working at different hours, it can be difficult to schedule meetings and collaborate with co-workers. Delayed communication can be frustrating in not being able to get what you need when you need it! 

4. Ability To Find A Quiet Place With No Distractions

Do you sometimes find that you need a quiet place to work without any distractions to be able to complete a project or task? You might just need a quiet booth, meeting room, or focus space to work in. Working from home might not provide a variety of work settings that you would find at the office. Offices are set up to provide you with both collaborative and focused work settings for your use whenever you need them. This allows you to choose the optimal place to work depending on the task or project you are working on. Generally, offices are intended to equip us with everything we need to be comfortable, productive, and efficient.

5. Access To Improved Ergonomic Equipment

How many of us working from home bought proper office equipment or furniture from a provider like Office Monster? For a lot of us, working from home meant working from our couch or at the dining room table. And while they may be comfortable, they are not ergonomic compared to proper office furnishings. At work, you should be provided with an ergonomic task chair that is customized to fit your needs and correct your posture. Corrective seating is pertinent for ensuring you maintain your physical health. At the same time, some people might find that sitting for 8 hours a day is too much for them. Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged hours can be serious for your health. Solutions like a height-adjustable desk can allow you to adjust the height of the desk to allow you to work in various positions.


Here at MB+M we are happy to have a great environment for our staff. We recognise it was hard for some team members to return to working in the office. However, once back in the office, everyone has realised the benefits far out way the negatives. Productivity and personal well-being have naturally increased. This makes it a win-win for both our team members and MB+M. So consider why the Five Reasons Working From The Office Is Better For You!!

Our Business Services team is available to discuss how MB+M provide such an environment and how you can do this in a cost effective manner for your business. Call 03 58219177and speak with a well versed Business Advisor.

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