How To Provide Clarity Of Communication

How To Provide Clarity Of Communication

By Yasemin Tanrikulu, Accountant Adviser, MB+M

I’m sure we have all been in a situation when our expectations are disappointedly not met by either a colleague, family member or friend. Several factors can influence why people fail to meet expectations. Often, we are quick to muster up a quick apology and no thought goes into providing an excuse.

Good, effective communication is more important now than ever before. Many Australians are now working remotely because of the Corona virus pandemic causing us more challenges than previously existed. In my experience so far, I have gained a significant amount of autonomy in my daily work life. My actions & reactions are being thought through more closely and then I regularly follow 3 questions:

  1. Who do I need to get in contact with?
  2. What is the best form of communication to resolve this issue or query?
  3. Where is this on my list of priorities?
What Is The Best Form For The Circumstances?

Given that there are multiple streams of communication available to us 24/7 it appears we are in touch with one another – virtually most of the time. It is important to consider if we are using the most effective method to convey a clear, concise transfer of the relevant information.

Working remotely, we at MB+M have introduced Zoom. Zoom is video conferencing software that allows participants to have collaborative face-to-face meetings. This has been useful as it allows meetings to still go ahead as they would previously, only in another format. Like face-to-face meetings we need to plan the virtual meeting in advance, with the right people invited.

At this point in our new way of life it is important to consider that previous methods of communication may now be defunct. Emails can easily get lost amongst the continuous flow of information we are now receiving daily. Next time you need to communicate with your adviser, employee or employer I would suggest you ask yourself the following question:

  • Should this be an email, or do I need to pick up the phone?

Communicating effectively and efficiently is essential in these unprecedented times and could be the difference between success & failure.

To Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say, and How and When You Say It

Yasemin Tanrikulu
Yasemin Tanrikulu

Yasemin Tanrikulu
Accoun t Adviser

Yasemin is enjoys all things accounting along with
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