HubDoc – Change and Adapt To Stay Ahead

HubDoc – Change and Adapt To Stay Ahead

Yes, these are the most challenging of times in every part of our lives. For businesses it is all about being able to sustain, adapt and innovate. The time is right for many business to look at what they could do to improve the cost and efficiency of the business. One such area is the use of technology tools and Hubdoc is one tool that allows businesses to implement changes to streamline, adapt and remain sustainable.

In this article Matthew McDowall, Account Adviser, walks you through “Hubdoc – Change and Adapt To Stay Ahead” providing insight on how Hubdoc could be a boon for your business.

Increased Need To Change & Adapt

Never has the need to change and adapt been so prevalent than in the business world today whether it be in reducing hours, or working remotely. This has resulted in alterations to the way of conducting business, regardless of our preferences.

To keep pace and stay afloat, we need to embrace the change and utilise technology in new ways that we haven’t before changing how we go about our day-to-day business beneficially. HubDoc is one tool that can assist with the changes that your business needs to adapt and remain sustainable.

What Is Hubdoc?

HubDoc is a simple add on to your current businesses financial reporting, with ability to scan automatically your copies of bills and invoices and then enter the information directly into your accounting package. Hubdoc concurrently uploads these files into the cloud for ease of access and use for anyone in your organisation, including your Bookkeepers and Accountants. This improves efficiency and flexibility of your operations, making Hubdoc an essential tool for all.

The rate of businesses reducing their reliance on paper and resorting to electronic means of billing and invoicing their clients are increasing exponentially. As this current pandemic increases its grip on the economy and the way we conduct business, we need to ensure that we also embrace this change.

Benefits Of Hubdoc

The benefits of HubDoc to your business are enormous, including:

  • Reduce time and effort by eliminating a sizeable portion of time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Data entry tasks are automatically by scanning the bills you receive via email,
  • Its ability to auto-fetch bills directly from your Suppliers straight into your bookkeeping package,
  • Hubdoc automatically files these documents in the cloud
  • Easily access this information from anywhere, at any time.

Incorporating HubDoc into your business gives you and your organisation the ability to focus on more of the important and valuable tasks that your business requires.

To see a quick demonstration of HubDoc in action check out this video

If you would like more information on HubDoc, get in touch with us and we can help you maximise your time and energy into the more important tasks and leave the boring data entry to HubDoc. Call 03 5821 9177, or email

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