Hubdoc – Getting on top of Document Management

Hubdoc – Getting on top of Document Management

MB+M would like to introduce you to Hubdoc. Hubdoc is a cloud based document management system fulfilling the needs of small businesses.  It integrates with accounting software like Xero and removes the need for data entry of bills, invoices and receipts.  Watch this video as it provides a comprehensive overview of how it eliminates most data entry to allow your business to focus on the more important things.

All Your Financial Docsin one place, automatically

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Never before has the need to change and adapt been at the forefront of business than in the current world today.

With the current change in the way that we need to conduct business with our clients and our customers.

With most Businesses having to change how they operate, that hasn’t slowed the constant flow of bills and invoices and other Documents that you receive for day to day operation and with it the difficulties in getting these documents to the relevant team members.

Introducing HubDoc. The cloud based filing solution to all your small business needs.

With HubDoc you can eliminate paper from your workspace making the task of working remotely with your team so much easier.

You just simply upload them to HubDoc and it does the rest, automatically filing and sorting for easy access from the cloud.

With Hubdoc you can take a simple photo with the app, forward all your bills and invoices via email, or even scan any documents you receive. Once they are uploaded they are then available to your entire team from the cloud. Making it the most practical filing system around.

And with Xero, HubDoc goes one step further, bills and invoices that are uploaded to Xero are then automatically created as Bills in Xero which can then be reconciled in one easy step.

Get in touch with us today at MB & M and we can assist you with Adding HubDoc to your organisation

If you would like more information on HubDoc, get in touch with us and we can help you maximise your time and energy into the more important tasks, leaving the boring data entry to HubDoc. Call 03 5821 9177, or email

HubDoc – Change and Adapt To Stay Ahead

Lori Hall Account Adviser
Lori Hall Account Adviser

Lori Hall, Account Adviser, Xero/Hubdoc Expert.
Lori will help you take advantage of these time saving XERO/Hubdoc opportunities. Lori can be contacted on 03 5821 9177,  

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