Keep in control of your Xero purchases

Keep in control of your Xero purchases

Being in control of your bills, costs and purchases is key in promoting positive cash flow for your business – and keeping your finances in excellent shape.

With Xero as your core financial management platform, you can easily see which bills need paying, when they’re due and how much money you have in the bank to pay them.

Keeping track of your purchases

The Xero Dashboard is the easiest way to keep track of your purchases and outstanding bills. All the key numbers are located here to help you manage your spending and costs effectively.

With Xero, you can:

  • See your purchases in one place

these are broken down by week and month across the period.

  • Receive supplier invoices directly into Xero

and keep the whole process paper-free.

  • Schedule payments in the future

helping you pay suppliers in batches to increase efficiency and balance your cash flow more easily.

Talk to MB&M about getting in control of your purchases

If you want to know more about managing your purchases in Xero, we can set you up and run you through the key features of the Xero Dashboard and purchase reporting.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer, pick up the phone and call 5821 9177. Let our friendly team here at MB+M start to make your life easier.