Meet Mary – MB+M/OzPlan Wealth Creation Team member
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Meet Mary – MB+M/OzPlan Wealth Creation Team member

Introducing Mary.…..
The MB+M/OzPlan team would like to introduce you to meet Mary – MB+M/OzPlan Wealth Creation Team member. The team comprises twelve dedicated professionals to look after clients, and prospective clients, to discuss & advise on their Financial Wellbeing, and subsequently manage their investment portfolio needs.

Working remotely obviously has its difficulties.

It’s very important to us we remain connected to you, our clients, and prospective clients, especially in these challenging times.

So, we’ve taken the time to create a short video introducing Mary.  Mary belongs to our fantastic client support team.  In the video, Mary shares her experiences working remotely and her role at MB+M /OzPlan Financial Services.

Hope you enjoy it.

We plan to provide further messages from other team members over the next few months.
Meet Mary – MB+M/OzPlan Wealth Creation Team member


If you have questions you would like answered, or need help with your personal wealth creation plan. These please reach out to the Wealth Creation Team on 03 5821 9177 and speak with one of our certified advisers.

Keep Safe & Keep Well.

MB+M – OzPlan Team

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MB+M/OzPlan Wealth Creation Team

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