New (Financial) Year, Same Me

New (Financial) Year, Same Me

By Tara Lennie

Happy New Financial Year! No this is not going to be a spiel about setting goals, but rather to take this moment to reflect and refresh on your personal goals as a half-way mark into the calendar year. I only suggest this as that’s exactly what I did the other day. I went to my phone, looked in my notes and had a little review of what I had set myself to achieve for this year. Funnily enough, I had found that I had forgotten and not even actioned some of these goals. I even had the thought of “what was I thinking” with one of them.

I haven’t changed or removed any of these goals even though I know some will be hard to achieve, as I wanted to keep them as a reminder. A reminder of my thought process when I had set them at the start of the year, to help get me back there. You know, when you’re all refreshed and think you can solve all the world’s problems mind set? Let’s get out of the mid-year slums and be refreshed again.

So, my advice spend 10 mins when you hop into bed, and instead of exploring Instagram, stop and reflect on the year so far. Give yourself a second chance for any new-year’s resolutions. It might be you want to start working towards achieving goals in your health, physical activity regime, family life or it may even be saving for a house, car or boat. Whatever it is, I know I will, so you can too.

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