New Year, New Opportunities, New You!

New Year, New Opportunities, New You!

Whether it’s a new focus, a new venture or a new year, consciously recognising the process required to change can vastly improve your outcome.

The Five A’s of Change breaks it down simply:

1.  Awareness

First we must be aware of what needs to change. Perhaps we want to work smarter, not harder, so we can have more family time and better financial returns.


We have to accept that in order to work smarter we will need to do things differently. There is no magic bullet. Effective planning is critical to achieving change.

3.  Action

Once we have a plan, we must actually implement it. Taking action can be simpler than what you imagine. One stop at a time, the momentum for change will grow. If we don’t act, planning is pointless.

4.  Accountability

Having someone independent to hold us to account is typically a foolproof way to ensure we act. A bit like going to the gym before work, we’re more likely to show up if we’ve committed to a friend or paid for a personal trainer.

5.  Acknowledgement

Humans are habitual creatures. It takes supposedly at least 21 times to change a habit. By celebrating the success of taking action and forcing change, we help to reinforce that good behavior. The reaction is a chemical one.

As we enter 2019, this presents an incredible opportunity to consider the things in your business that you would like to change and what stage in this process you’re at. What is your next step? Whatever your current situation, empower yourself and make a commitment to real change.

Write your goals out and actually start walking the talk!

 ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ – Socrates

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