Refinance to a “Split Loan” and reduce your Tax
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Refinance to a “Split Loan” and reduce your Tax

HouseLet the MB+M team show you how to save tax on your home loan (and get the BEST interest rate) …


To create wealth, you should try to pay off non tax-deductible loans as quickly as possible (before you start to pay off any tax-deductible debt).


A “SPLIT LOAN” allows you to do this in the fastest way possible (and as a result REDUCE your tax bill).


It does this by allowing you to:

  • Pay off your non tax-deductible debt faster.
  • Maintain the maximum amount of tax deductions for interest on investments
  • Start an investment plan while at the same time paying off your home loan

The Team at MB+M can help you find a competitive loan with some awesome features, as well as liaise with lenders and access a variety of home loan products from a panel of reputable lenders. Our advice can help you pay off your home more quickly and save money.

Even if you already have a home loan, we can review your current loan on a no-obligation basis to ensure that you have the loan that best suits your financial needs. Is it a good time to fix?

Do you own an investment property, or are you interested in buying one?

We can ensure you receive the maximum tax deductions available on your investment property, reducing your tax and saving you money.

Trust your Accountant or Financial Planner to get you the right loan! To find out more, talk to MB+M today 03 5821 9177, and start to save tax!