Why it’s time to throw in the towel if you’re a Reckon user!

Why it’s time to throw in the towel if you’re a Reckon user!

1.  Functionality and Integrations

Xero’s functionality is miles ahead of Reckon with a simple payroll process and a high tech system to develop third party integrations that maximise business efficiency.

Reckon payroll is complicated to fulfill and cannot develop software applications or integrations to be used with Reckon.

2. International Currencies

Xero has the ability to convert and deal with multiple currencies.

Reckon only supports one currency.

3. Inventory Features

Xero has many third party integrations available for a variety of business types to track inventory, which is especially important for product-based businesses.

Reckon cannot effectively track inventory or collect relevant data for the business, as the feature is far too simple.

4. Reliability

Xero has established a reputable and trustworthy brand, acquiring industry knowledge over many years.

Reckon One online is much newer to the market and does not have the credibility Xero can offer.

5. Affordability

Xero offers a variety of packages which can be selected based on the needs of your business.

Reckon payment plans are based on what you use, which can be very complicated, overwhelming and costly to determine what features you will and won’t need. You must pay an additional price for every feature you want, which can add up very quickly.

6. Invoicing

Xero creates online quotes, online invoices and purchase orders. Xero includes efficient inventory management systems which facilitates secure documentation to be attached to transactions.

Reckon does not allow online quotes, online invoices or purchase orders. Without inventory management systems, Reckon is unable to facilitate secure documentation attachment to transactions.

THE supreme leader is none other than xero!!

Xero is a more reliable and reputable brand with greater functionality, flexibility, customisation options and straightforward payment plans.

If you think now might be the time to convert your business from Reckon to Xero, you are right! We encourage you to make an appointment to see one of our trusted accountants. We work with you to discuss how we can make this the most simple and efficient process for your business.

So are you ready to start saving your time, money and energy? Don’t delay, call us today! 5821 9177.


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