Spotlight on Bree Hanslow – Authorised Rep
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Spotlight on Bree Hanslow – Authorised Rep

MB+M OzPlan’s Wealth Creation Team brings you a spotlight article on: Bree Hanslow – Authorised Rep

All of MB+M OzPlan’s Authorised Representatives are experienced Financial Planners.  Each Rep, however, also has a specialisation that they are particularly passionate about.  Today we are going to find out what makes Bree Hanslow tick …

Bree Hanslow  CFP®

Bree loves her role!  Helping people achieve their goals and have that all important financial peace of mind is right up her alley.  Bree is a very kind and thoughtful person and her clients know she always has their best interests in mind.

We asked Bree, what gives her satisfaction in her work? She replied: “Helping retirees enjoy their retirement. I’m also extremely passionate about helping young singles and couples get ahead when they are just starting out on their wealth accumulation journey.”


Another area that gives Bree great satisfaction is her specialty – Wealth & Lifestyle Protection (Personal Insurance). This is the first building block in accumulating wealth. It’s no secret our ability to earn an Income underpins our whole financial lives and as our circumstances change, our lifestyle protection requirements will too.

A personalised Lifestyle protection plan balances protection needs with affordability based on cashflow to ensure you and your loved ones have peace of mind against the unexpected.

Under 35’s are especially active and surprisingly, we see that age category claim on their insurance quite a lot!

This happened …

Bree was lucky to help one of her best friends, Allison, when she snapped her Achilles playing netball.

It was such fortunate timing as Allison’s insurance had only been in place for about a week before her injury occurred.

Allison in a wheelbarrow

The Income Protection payments covered living costs and took the stress away so that Allison could focus on recovery instead of rushing back to work before she was ready.

Getting insurance whilst your younger can have many benefits, such as … an easier underwriting process and reducing premiums later in life.  We find the earlier you organise your personal insurances the better.

Make an appointment

Bree and all of our Authorised Reps are happy to talk to you.  MB+M OzPlan are currently offering an initial free meeting to discuss your personal situation.  There is no obligation attached.  Give us a call on 5831 1233 to make your appointment today or email to request an appointment.

Bree Hanslow CFP® – Authorised Representative No: 1251805

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