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Spotlight on Myles Martin – Authorised Rep

Spotlight on Myles Martin – Authorised Rep

MB+M’s Wealth Creation Team brings you a spotlight article on Myles Martin

All of our OzPlan Financial Services Authorised Representatives are experienced Financial Planners.  Each Rep, however, also has a specialisation that they are particularly passionate about.  Today, we are going to find out about Myles.

Myles Martin Adv Dip FP

All of our Authorised Reps are proudly local and Myles is no exception.  Myles learned his trade as a Financial Planner in Cobram for a number of years before heading to Cairns and becoming Senior Financial Adviser for the CBA.  However, Numurkah drew Myles back in 2014 and MB+M has benefited ever since!  

Myles has experience in Superannuation, Investment, Insurance, SMSF advice and Aged Care. We asked him what he loves about being an Adviser?  “Getting to know a client, finding out what’s important in their life and helping them to achieve it.”  Myles continued, “For instance, a client thought their dream home was not attainable.  With our assistance the client is now happily in their new home.”

Succession Planning is also another area Myles is passionate about. Taking the emotion out of it financially, Myles is great at explaining various scenario’s and showing families that if you do this, this will happen, allowing informed decisions to be made.

Specialty – Aged Care

Each of OzPlan Financial Services Authorised Representative has a specialty. Myles specialty is in Aged Care.

Aged Care is such a complex minefield.  Sadly, 9 out of 10 people wait until a family member has become unwell or had a fall before thinking about Aged Care which adds stress to an already difficult time. Myles likes to start the conversation with the whole family early and take the complexity out of Aged Care.  

Everyone’s situation is different and Myles can tailor a financial solution that suits each family.  There are things that can be done now that help down the track.  Myles has noticed that a lot of the older generation are keen to help the next generation.  Myles said, “That collective wealth as a group can help the overall family members and build wealth.  Sometimes that can be quite powerful.” 

Myles has found through this process, families are helped not only financially but also emotionally to get peace of mind.


This happened…

Mary was looking to go into care.  Myles was able to help in various ways.  Here is part of her story …

After several discussions, Mary was able to gift some money to her children, which helped them immensely.  As a result, Mary’s  daughter “Jane” was able to reduce from full-time to part-time work by having that extra bit of money behind her.  Fast forward a few years and now Jane has retired earlier than expected, all thanks to Mary’s thoughtful gift.

Besides the satisfaction Mary received by blessing her children, with Myles’ help, she was also able to significantly reduce costs associated with entering Aged Care. Definitely a win-win result.

Make an appointment

Myles and all of our Authorised Reps would love to talk to you.  We are currently offering an initial free meeting to discuss your personal situation.  There is no obligation attached.  Give us a call on 5831 1233 or email to request an appointment today.

Myles Martin Adv Dip FP – Authorised Representative No: 469825

Published 8 February 2022.
The information provided in this article is general in nature only and does not constitute financial advice.

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