Tax Planning Part 3: Why Use A ‘Bucket Company’
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Tax Planning Part 3: Why Use A ‘Bucket Company’

In Tax Planning Part 3: Why Use A ‘Bucket Company,’ Matthew McDowall, Accountant Adviser, explains how the use of a bucket company can reduce tax liabilities to substantially below 47% to a potential taxable amount of 25%.

You should note that this video provides an overview only of how “bucket companies work, and you should not take it as personal financial advice.

If you would like to understand how this concept could apply to your situation, then call MB+M on 03 5821 9177 and a meeting will be setup for you to speak to one of our expert accountants.

Tax Planning Part 2: Why Use A ‘Bucket Company’

The following link provides a legal perspective in how ‘bucket companies’ work in family trusts. MB+M can put you in touch with a partner firm to give you legal advice. Once gain please call us 03 5821 9177 if you need any help regarding your tax planning.

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