Top Tips for Email Security

Top Tips for Email Security


Is email really that safe?


As you may be aware, there are many malicious acts, such as identity theft, viruses, and scams that are perpetrated through email. Currently, over 280 billion emails are sent every day, which is a significant market for people to try hacking, stealing and selling your personal information or simply to harm others.

Contrary to popular belief, emails are not private! They pass through numerous channels before they are delivered to the intended recipient. An email can be intercepted and read along the way without you even knowing it.

The best protection is knowing what to look for and having appropriate measures in place to prevent phishing scams from fraudulently acquiring your sensitive information and payments.


Here are 4 Top Tips for Email Security:

1. Never open email attachments from someone you don’t know.


2. If you think something seems wrong with an email, delete it immediately.


3. Keep your anti-virus software up to date.


4. Only click on links and open attachments on items you are certain are genuine.


Cloud Best Practice LogoMB+M – Cloud Best Practice

As vigilant custodians of your data, MB+M are certified as Cloud Best Practice. This ensures our firm complies with best practice procedures in protecting online data. One of the security tools is the use of 2SA (two step authentication) to access all online client data. 2SA protects your data from online cyber attacks.

The ATO are on the MOVE!

The ATO are continuing the move to digital document delivery. You may have experienced this if you have connected your myGov account to the ATO service. When you connect to the ATO service, the ATO delivers documents directly to your myGov account and they no longer deliver these paper documents to your tax agent.

The ATO will eventually go completely paperless and it will be up to your tax agent on whether you receive information digitally or by reprinting soft copies and posting them to you.

But MB+M are one-step ahead!

MB+M are making important technology changes to make your life easier and keep your information secure.

Drum roll please … “introducing the MB+M app”

MB+M Secure App

This app was created so that MB+M can give you peace of mind by making your life easier.


MB+M App Features

· secure communication

· secure document delivery

· easy electronic document signature

· client event information

· ATO deadlines

· links to Government tools

· ability to take photos of receipts or odometer readings

Download on the App Store Badge

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For instructions on how to download and register, check out this link.


When we receive ATO correspondence on your behalf or we require you to sign your documents such as your tax return, we will send an email inviting you to download and register for the app. Once registered you will be able to access the documents which were securely delivered to you.

From here, the world is your oyster! Enjoy all the benefits this outstanding app has to offer, such as receiving notifications about tax lodgement and payment deadlines, client events and seminars, contact us with address changes, book appointments and more.

For more information on how to protect you and your business, call 5821 9177.