Top Tips For The Work Christmas party
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Top Tips For The Work Christmas party

Ahhh Christmas! For most people, the season of Santa is an exciting time. Summer is here, the year is ending, and holidays are near. Then there’s the work Xmas party. Everyone knows the stories about employees that let their hair down just a little too far.

These days, most businesses understand that letting staff cut loose at the Xmas bash poses potential health & safety and even legal risks, but there is no need to turn the party into a boring, box-ticking exercise before the holidays.

Not throwing a Christmas party (or having a really dull one) may please the accountant, but you’ll miss a valuable opportunity for you and your people to hang out in a relaxed setting.

Parties are a chance to celebrate success and show employees how much you appreciate their efforts over the year, which in turn helps keep everyone motivated and improves staff retention.

Not having an event, you may miss a valuable opportunity to celebrate success and show employees how much you appreciate their efforts over the past year.

Keep These In Mind For A Successful Christmas Party

So, here are a few important things to keep in mind when you’re planning and attending this year’s Xmas party:

  • Easy on the alcohol – too much drinking causes problems so think about activities that don’t revolve around it. There are plenty of fun things to do without lots of booze.
  • Set limits – if there is alcohol, don’t go crazy with quantities, offer tasty non-alcoholic options and food (make it a feature so it gets eaten), have a clear finish time, and organise transport home.
  • Food and structure – have lots of food for the event and structure so the food gets eaten.
  • Non-alcoholic options – ensure they are available and make them interesting, such as “mocktails”.
  • Organise transport – if the company is putting on the drink then you have an obligation to ensure everyone’s safety, which includes getting home safely.
  • Have a clear finish time, so it doesn’t drag into the night… or the next morning.
  • If in doubt, create a Xmas party policy – writing down and sharing the company’s expectations will help everyone stay respectful and in control. A stuffy document is less like to be read and digested, so have some fun with the content and wording.

Remember, if you plan and communicate well, the Christmas party will be a time for you and your team to enjoy a great time in a relaxed setting.

Finally, the fitting motto to remember is: “Enjoy! ’Tis the season to be jolly after all”.

MB+M wishes you all a safe and restful Christmas. May 2021 be a year for focusing on the important things for you and your family.

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