Update: Carry Back Company Losses – Budget 2020-21

Update: Carry Back Company Losses – Budget 2020-21

Update: Carry Back Company Losses – Budget 2020-21. MB+M Director, Anna McIntosh, discusses the changes in the treatment of losses resulting from the Government 2020-21 Budget.

These changes provide fantastic opportunities for businesses to apply losses in the 2020, 2021 & 2022 against 2019 profits, potentially receiving a refund.  Thus providing funds for asset purchases or operational expenses.  

Carry Back Company Losses – Areas Covered:
  • Tax loss offset.
  • Offsets against 2019 profits.
  • How carry back company losses works.
  • When refunds will be available.
  • How losses can apply to Instant Asset Write Off. 
  • Plus More…..

These changes could have a significant impact on your business. So watch the video as Anna walks you through the changes for “Carry Back Company Losses  – Budget 20-21”  and what it means for you.


Anna McIntosh, MB+M Director – Update: Carry Back Company Losses – Budget 2020-21


If you have questions about how changes to Carry Back Company Losses affects you, please call MB+M and speak to Anna McIntosh, or one of our other expert Business Advisors. Call us – 03 5821 9177.

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