7 knockout reasons why you should be using Xero and not MYOB!

7 knockout reasons why you should be using Xero and not MYOB!

1.  Mobile App

Xero’s mobile app is intuitive, fast and responsive.

MYOB is clunky and has an inconvenient user interface.

2. Invoicing

Xero offers customisable invoices that can track recipients to see whether invoices have been viewed or paid.

MYOB only has customisable invoices available in the premium package.

3. Employee Login

Xero offers the most simplified process for payroll, allowing staff to enter timesheets, request leave and view their payslips in all packages.

MYOB AccountRight does not include this feature in the price of the program, it must be purchased as an add-on.

4. Sign Up and Installation Process

Xero has a super-fast and easy sign up process online which can be accessed on any computer at any time.

MYOB AccountRight is only available for PC users (sorry Mac lovers).

5. Reporting

Xero has a great capacity to quickly generate and view multiple reports at the same time if needed.

MYOB can only view one report at a time.

6. End of Financial Year (EOFY) Data Rollover

Xero does not require end of financial year data to be rolled over, because all data is recorded perpetually.

MYOB AccountRight requires two separate data rollover functions, one for accounting and one for payroll. This is not an easy process and generally results in requesting hours of assistance from accountants.

 7. Additional Features and Integrations

Xero absolutely obliterates MYOB, with over 500 third-party integration apps.

MYOB has a meagre 50 which can only be used with AccountRight.

we declare the champion of all accounting software to be xero!!

Xero is more flexible, accessible, simple to use and can be easily customised to fulfil the needs of your business, with hundreds of third party integrations available to maximise your success!

Convinced it’s time to convert from MYOB to Xero? Make an appointment to see one of our trusted accountants, so that we can work with you to determine how we can make this a smooth transition for your business.

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