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What is the number one problem our Wealth Creation client’s want solved?

What is the number one problem our Wealth Creation client’s want solved?

What is the most important thing our clients want professional help with in regard to their financial affairs? You might think the answer would be “increase my investments or wealth”. That could be part of the solution but no, that’s not number one.

The number one problem our client’s want solved is “Peace of mind”. 

Our client’s want to be able to sleep at night knowing all their concerns are sorted.  One client put it very well, “OzPlan helped me get all my ducks in a row”.

How the solution might look will be different for every client.  Everyone has their own set of unique circumstances.  This is where having a team of Wealth Creation specialists on your side is most useful.

5 Authorised Representatives

With 5 Authorised Representatives, we are pleased to have the largest group of Authorised Representatives in the Goulburn Valley. Each of our Reps offer great Financial Planning advice but also specialise in their favourite discipline. For you, our client, this means your Financial Planner can bring in the expertise from any of the team. Effectively, 5 specialists at your fingertips!

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Our OzPlan financial advisers are happy to have a chat about your situation and help you identify your goals. We can provide expert advice on how you can achieve them and prepare for your child’s education journey.

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Published 24 January 2024.
The information provided in this article is general in nature only and does not constitute financial advice.