Why do SME’s need a great advisor?
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Why do SME’s need a great advisor?

By Natalie Parker, Director, MB+M

Many company leaders of SME can get swamped by the overwhelming financial aspects of running their business. Some believe that they have all the internal capabilities. However actually, asking for help from financial services marketing wise, is actually the best step forward in continuing to be successful in a business. Natalie Parker CA will provide some insight as to “Why SME’s Need a Great Advisor?”.

Sadly, it is a reality that many businesses fail within the first 5 years from start-up or even worse failure can occurs when a successful small business embarks on a rapid growth phase. There are many pitfalls and traps along the way, particularly management of cash flow. Often clients are so busy working “in” the business when they really should be stepping back and working “on” business issues such as strategic direction or just identifying basic things that improve customer satisfaction and team performance.

Running a business is a complex task. You need to be financially literate, understand the importance of cash flow and dealing with financiers, you need to be a marketing and sales guru, a HP specialist, a purchasing and logistics specialist, a great leader and team builder and of course you need to provide better customer service and run the business more efficiently than your competitors. These are just a few of the skills that you need to be successful.

Juggling Questions.

Learning on the job can often lead to expensive mistakes or less than optimal results.  Does this sound like you?

  • I spend too much time inputting information when I should be making money in my business or spending time with my family.
  • I have critical decisions to make but I can’t get meaningful information from my books.
  • Are my monthly figures accurate? Why doesn’t my cashflow reflect my profit?
  • My staff are key to my business, but the HR and payroll issues never stop! It’s making my head hurt just thinking about it.
  • I’m struggling to keep track of inventory or the jobs I have on the go.
  • Can I afford to buy new equipment when I want to?

You need someone who can keep on top of the numbers and provide sound financial advice to ensure your business succeeds. That way you have more time to spend working on your business, to grow profits, and to grow your business value.

Benefits of a great advisor

This is where I can help.  I am passionate about helping business owners understand what their numbers mean and how this can be transformed into improved profit, cash flow and overall improve personal and business wealth.

I work with clients to:

  • Improve business systems to get better information but in less time
  • To make the complex simple – How to read the numbers
  • To enable business owners to understand what drives their business profit
  • To enable businesses to improve their profit and have more cash to invest
  • To help business owners set goals and develop a plan on how to get there
  • Develop a plan for financial freedom to allow business owners to have the lifestyle they want!

Sometimes your business may outgrow your existing adviser, if you think that might be you, then I’d love the chance to have a no obligation chat to see if MB+M are the right fit for our business.

Interested to know more about what an accountant can do, then read more here: What does an accountant do?

Natalie Parker

Natalie Parker – CA Director
Email: nataliep@mbmgroup.com.au

Natalie is an experienced, super organised, highly effective Senior Business Adviser whose focus is on ensuring her clients are achieving their goals in life and in business.  Natalie is passionate about ensuring that business owners can focus on the information that matters, to better fulfill their personal, financial and business goals.  Natalie has been with MB+M for over 20 years and is a well respected and committed part of the MB+M team.

Natalie heads up our business services division which is focused on identifying opportunities for clients to better understand their businesses through the numbers, but also to identify ways to better structure their businesses to maximise financial outcomes.  The team is focused on delivering tangible efficiencies and outcomes that benefit business owners and those within their teams.

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