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Spotlight on Darcy Morris – Authorised Rep

Spotlight on Darcy Morris – Authorised Rep

MB+M’s Wealth Creation Team brings you a spotlight article on Darcy Morris

All of our OzPlan’s Authorised Representatives are experienced Financial Planners.  Each Rep, however, also has a specialisation that they are particularly passionate about. Today, we are going to find out about our most recently accredited Financial Advisor, Darcy Morris.

Darcy Morris B.BUS, GRAD DIP FP 

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All of our Authorised Reps are proudly local and Darcy is no exception.   

Growing up in the Cobram/Nathalia area, Darcy now lives in Numurkah – did you know his family owns the town pub! Unquestionably, he loves being a member of the local Numurkah community and has walked an interesting path before finding his passion for financial planning.  

He has studied and worked in different parts of Australia, and used to work as a butler to the stars, working for a vast celebrity clientele from Rihanna to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. After all the glitz and glam, Darcy returned home to start a family and began an interest in financial planning.  

Specialty – Generational Wealth Planning

Each Authorised Rep has a specialty. Darcy’s specialty is retirement planning and generational wealth planning. 

Darcy is great at building complex strategic contribution plans to maximise retirement outcomes. This allows his clients to live their best possible retirement without the financial stress that can come with it. 

Complementing retirement planning is generational wealth planning (otherwise known as legacy planning) which Darcy also really enjoys. From helping build wealth to assisting his clients set up a legacy that they can pass on to the next generation is one of his favourite aspects of his job. 

Generational Wealth

This happened…

Darcy is proud of how he could assist Bob and Heather. 

Bob and Heather were in their early 60s when Bob was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Bob wanted to set Heather up with retirement support so she could live comfortably after he was gone. They were currently living off their own Superannuation without any income support from the government. 

Darcy was able to restructure their Super which allowed them to receive the maximum Centrelink entitlements. Furthermore, thanks to Darcy’s help, they were able to live off a small amount of their own funds whilst utilising government welfare to its maximum potential. 

Parts of this restructure included legacy planning which enabled their children to inherit Bob’s Super, while Heather will be left with a large sum to support her after Bob passes.  

Darcy provided invaluable help with their finances at such a difficult time – a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Subsequently, both Bob and Heather feel like they are now owning their retirement. 

Make an appointment

Darcy and our other Authorised Reps would love to talk to you.  OzPlan Financial Services are currently offering an initial free meeting to discuss your personal situation. There is no obligation attached.  Give us a call on 5831 1233 or email to request an appointment today. 

Darcy Morris B.BUS, GRAD DIP FP – Authorised Representative No: 1302433 

Published 2 April 2024.
The information provided in this article is general in nature only and does not constitute financial advice.