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Xero Activity Statement Reporting – Unfiled GST Amounts

Xero Activity Statement Reporting – Unfiled GST Amounts

MB+M Business Services Team brings you another article on:
Xero Activity Statement Reporting – Unfiled GST Amounts

With another BAS Period coming to a close, Matthew McDowall from the Xero team has put together a short video describing a recent addition to the GST Activity Summary report, Unfiled GST Amounts.

Xero have added this new feature to pick up the transactions that can sometimes get missed when completing your activity summary due to timing of transactions and coding.

GST reporting and reconciliation can be a time consuming and confusing part of running your business and this new feature is just the latest in a long line of helpful additions by Xero to take the headaches out of the work in the business so that you can instead focus on working on your Business.

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Published 4 October 2021.
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